2021-22 Tryout Results

We would like to thank all those who came out the 2021-22 club season tryouts and would like to offer our congratulations to those players that have been selected.  The  selected players will have 10 pm Monday the 19th to accept their position with Evolution Volleyball.  We ask that if you are going to decline your position to please email Coach Mohring and Coach Acevedo so that we can offer those position to another player in a timely manner.  

To accept your position: 

  • To accept the position please Email Kevin Mohring: kevin.evolutionva@gmail.com and Sebastian Acevedo sacevedo.eva@gmail.com.  In your email please provide your childs name, and tryout number.  Participants will have until 10pm on Monday  7/19/21 to accept your position.  
  • Once you email Coach Mohring you will receive a return email by end of day Tuesday with instructions on your final steps to join the EVA family.
  • After you receive the email Tuesday you will login onto the EVA website and electronically sign your contract, participants will have until end of day Friday to sign your contract. A position will only be secured with a signed contract. The signed contact has to have a parents signature.
  • Participants will have until Friday July 23rd at 5pm to make thier first deposit payment of $400.00 via the Evolution website. Please note that we have eliminated all convenience  fees.  For any asisitance with makeing a payment please contact Kevin Mohring: kevin.evolutionva@gmail.com or Sebastian Acevedo: sacevedo.eva@gmail.com

To decline your position: 






Select Players (Regional):  84, 9, 86, 59, 11, 26, 7, 13, 46, 10, 56, 57, 94, 36, 93, 48, 42, 45

Black Players (Travel): 85, 14, 47, 83, 88, 58, 8, 82, 81, 30, 33, 40, 37, 31, 44, 34, 45, 29, 35, 38, 41 (Dark Grey), 42, 27, 43, 28, 87, 39

Alt: 32, 41 (light grey), 16, 22, 25





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