Evolution Beach Tour 2019

Evolution Volleyball is excited to announce the 2019 Beach Tour.   

Why join the tour??

  • The EBVA Tour welcomes both new and seasoned athletes to the beach game.
  • We train 6-8 athletes per court and coach with a work to rest ratio of 2:1 or 2:2. 
  • Beach teams consist of 2 athletes, you and your partner. 
    • You will touch the ball 50% of the time between you and your partner.
    • All skills are required to be performed!!! 
  • There is no position specialization in the beach game like there is in the indoor game; each athlete will learn to pass, set, attack, block, dig, defend, serve, and compete.
  • The roster does not allow for a third teammate, therefore, you will not be able to sub during the match.
  • The program is designed for athletes who are positive and desire to be challenged by their Head Trainer, their partner, and themselves. 
  • Players will learn how to problem solve, work through mental blocks, and learn to depend on each other. Why is this important? Coaches are not allowed to coach during the match.  Athletes’ are responsible for coaching themselves except during time-outs, side-changes, and set-breaks.


To register please click on the the register button, login (if you are returning player or create a new login), fill out the player information sheet and make your deposit.  

**All athletes are encouraged to register without a specific partner in mind. EVA prefers to match the girls based on their experience, skill level, focus, and drive. If athletes register with a specific partner in mind, the coaching staff will take this into consideration BUT reserve the right to pair athletes accordingly. **


Evolution Volleyball Beach Tour 2019 Details
  • Extended Tour: 3 Month season (May 6th –  August 2nd)
  • Beach Tour: 2 Month season  (June 3rd -  August 2nd)
Program Fee Include
  • 8-1 Player to coach ratio. No more than 4 teams per court
  • Court Rental
  • Coaching Fee (All EVA coaches are Impact Certified)
  • 2 Practices per week through June
  • 3 Practices per week through July
  • 56-64 hours of training
  • Tournament Entry Fee
  • 5-6 Tournaments
  • Court side coaching at tournaments
  • Full uniform Package

EBVA will train on Montrose Beach during May; we will move one beach north of Montrose to Foster Beach for June & July.

  • The change of location will be noted on the the trainging schedule. 
  • We will start on Montrose solely because Foster will not be ready until June.
  • Montrose Beach has been EBVA’s home beach for the past 4 years.  Returning athletes and parents may wonder, why move north to Foster?? 
    • Foster Beach is much smaller and cleaner than Montrose with its soft white sand.  The lake, water fountains, bathrooms, showers, and concessions are all within our trainer’s line of sight. 
    • At the end of the day, Foster Beach will provide a more intimate and safer training environment for our athletes.
  • 3 Month Beach Tour:  $875  May 8th - August 2nd  (This program is perfect for player whose season has concluded their indoor season or would like to get a jump on the 2019 beach season).
  • 2 Month Beach Tour: $775  June 5th - August 2nd
  • A deposit of $350 will be required for the 3 Month Tour at the time of registration.
  • A deposit of $400 will be required for the 2 Month Tour at the time of registration.
  • EVA bikini or spandex bottom,
  • EVA sports bra,
  • EVA draw string shorts,
  • EVA beach bag,
  • EVA tank,
  • A tan!!

Uniform package is subject to change with out notice.


All Coaches are Impact certified.  

Player Requirements
  • SUN BLOCK!!!!!!
  • A Hat
  • Snacks to help refuel the athletes
  • A water bottle
  • If a player uses an inhaler please tell the staff and always have it in your bag. 
  • Signed participation waiver
    Participants will be required to purchase a USAV outdoor membership.
    To register please visit: https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org/wp15/intraLock/Login.asp


Evolution Volleyball is offering a few discount options to each participant.

  • $25 Player referral.  Receive a $25 credit taken off your last payment for every participant referred. This credit will be applied once the referred participant’s fee is paid in full. (May be paired with Sibling, Returning Player and Loyalty discount).
  • 10% Sibling discount (May be paired with returning or loyalty discount)
  • $50 Returning player Discount (May not be paired with Loyalty discount)
  • $50 Loyalty discounts.  This discount is offered to any current EVA player that did not play in our beach program last season. (May not be paired with returning player discount)

If you qualify for a player discount/s, please contact Kevin Mohring, so that your instalment fee can be adjusted. kevin.evolutionva@gmail.com


  • Credit Card Payments and deposites may be made via the Evolution Volleybal Academy website. 
  • There are no fee's to pay via the website. 
  • Payments may also be turned during practice or mailed to Evolution Volleyball.  All mailed payments recieved after the 5th will encure a late fee of $50 that will be assesed to the following months schedule.  

Evolution Volleyball
5040 N Nordica
Chicago IL 60656

Payment schedule: (If you require a different payment schedule please contact Kevin Mohring at kevin.evolutionva@gmail.com).

Early Tour:  3 Month Season

 Deposit $350  Due at registration 
1st Payment $175 May 5th 
2nd Payment $175 June 5th
3rd Payment $175 July 5th


Beach Tour: 2 Month Season

 Deposit $400  Due at registration 
1st Payment $188 June 5th
2nd Payment $187 July 5th


If you have questions please contact Bevin Murdock, EVA Beach Coordinator:



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